Bernard (Bob) Dillon is one of the team of Great Britain Amateur Boxing Coaches who were so successful in the London 2012 Olympics with our Boxers gaining medals of all colours.

When Bob returned home to his New Street, Wall Heath home after coaching the GB team he was greeted by family and friends with a special tribute to the dedication and success of the GB team and of course Bob himself.

Directly outside Bob’s home is an old style lamppost and it had been painted a wonderful Gold colour and had a pair of boxing gloves and a Union Flag attached near the top.

Bob Dillon's New Street Olympic Gold Lampost

The lamppost

One of the old cast iron type and style with cross pieces near the top already altered to have new head attached.

These lampposts have been painted a variety of colours over the years including black, dark green and a current colour of non-descript fawn.

This particular lamp post stands against Bob’s house and is next door to Church of Ascension Primary School.

Children from the school will certainly have something to talk about when they return in September.

Neighbours have commented on how good the lamppost looks and see it as a positive action.