Wall Heath House formerly stood behind trees at the apex of Albion Street and Enville Road.

Philip Widdowson recalls :

Sadly the house was sold in the early 1960’s and pulled down by developers to be replaced by Albion Parade shopping arcade. I can’t tell you very much about the house except from what my father said about it. Father told me the house was a rambling old house with six bedrooms, big kitchen and a library where Grandfather did a lot ofWall Heath House reading and wrote letters. At the bottom of the garden there was an orchard full of appleand pear trees. Happy days!

My Grandparents Robert and Emily Widdowson moved from Brewood I believe, to live there with their four sons Laurence (Laurie), Brian, Denys and Malcolm (Mac). Of Robert and Emily’s sons, just Denys is around these days.

My Grandfather started an engineering business in Cradley Heath in the mid 50’s; the company was named after his friend and famous chip shop owner in Enville Road, George Matthews. Remember the bag of ‘three penneth of chips and some bits’ – on the way back from 1st Wall Heath scouts very fondly.

My late father Laurence and my late mother Joan had their first born, Jayne, at the house in 1956. Jayne now lives in Wales. Father built their first home adjacent to Wall Heath House grounds at West Knowle, 74, Albion Street – where I was born in 1959. We lived at West Knowle until 1971.